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Welcome to CT Fish Stores!

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What We Offer

Forums - Check out our forums for information on the Connecticut Fish Stores, message the employees and owners, get help with your own tank and much more.

Discounts - CT Fish Stores Members receive BIG discounts at participating stores. You do NOT need to be a member of any other club to receive these discounts. Check out the amazing discounts offered to our members by some great Connecticut area stores.

Map - Check out the CT Fish Stores interactive map. See visually where all the stores are located in Connecticut.

Email Us - Have a question or comment? Feel free to email us


All of us at CT Fish Stores would like to thank our sponsors for their contributions to the site. Without them, we would not be able to offer this to our members. Be sure to visit their websites and their stores and let them know you appreciate it too. Because of their generosity and the hours of time invested by our moderators and members, we are proud of the success of this site. To view all our sponsors, click here.


CT Fish Stores

With over 1,400 members, CT Fish Stores is the largest community of aquarium hobbyists in the state.  Our members can view store stock lists and images, receive special discounts, share information and much more.  Thanks to our stores, sponsors and members for all their help making this site the best it can be!

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